A note on the timeline around here
So. I had a diary and then I lost interest. Well, I actually didn't lose interest so much as lose interesting — I felt like I was starting to repeat myself. So then I started a weblog, but I hated the software I used for it and I ended up never doing anything about it (unless you consider continued inaction itself an action). A year passed, and I thought about this, and posted this article on Diaryland to keep things alive, but then I continued not to do anything about either the diary or the weblog (and its backend) for nigh another year. But I did do a lot of what should have been posted to one or the other and sent it out as email to various individuals or mailing lists.

Since I'm now a little better sorted on the email front, and I think I have a system I like well enough on the web front, I may be plugging entries in where they belong chronologically as I find them whilst sorting through those 10,000 email messages I have archived. If that gets out of hand I'll figure out a way to indicate new "old" articles on the site.

If you know me well enough it's all probably stuff you've heard from me before in one way or another anyway.

link (23:29 EST, Monday, 20 January 2003)

Goodness. I've had a bad habit for a while of not cleaning out my email boxes. When a mailbox gets too full, I copy the whole file to an archive and just delete everything, then start over.

So last night I converted all those archived mailboxes into the Maildir format my IMAP server uses, so I can access them from any of my computers easily. If Entourage isn't lying, I have over 10,000 messages online now. Eek.

link (15:55 EST, Monday, 20 January 2003)