Censoring the Simpsons?!
This is getting out of hand. The local FOX affiliate apparently chose to edit this bit from Wild Barts Can't Be Broken:

Wiggum: (On television, after being asked by Kent Brockman if there are any suspects in the trashing of the school) None. That's why we're jumping to the conclusion that this was the work of no-good punk kids.
Lisa: Kids?!
Wiggum: Therefore, effective immediately, I am imposing a curfew. Any kid caught on the street after dark will be shot. Or, returned to their parents, as the situation may warrant.

The word "shot" was blanked. It's not as if Clancy Wiggum is held up as an example of what any police force is actually like — he's generally a model of incompetence and has, in other episodes, suggested that citizens take the law into their own hands, been unable to determine the true identity of serial graffitist El Barto, failed to take action at the corruption of Springfield's mayor (Diamond Joe Quimby), etc.

Somehow, however, WTTG (or FOX itself) decided that the word "shot" — while just another example of the ridiculousness of the character Chief Wiggum — was just too inflammatory for the notably sensitive audience of The Simpsons.


(22:38 EST, Friday, 24 January 2003)