DC metblogs lost & found, lost & found
Don over at Metroblogging DC, after being given a heads-up, posted a rather humorous note about one of his fellow Metrobloggers seen rather publicly noshing upon one of his so-called 'supermodels.' It seems said fellow Metroblogger, while apparently unembarrassed to be seen in such a public display, was rather shocked, SHOCKED! to find out that somebody had not only seen him (in the biergarten at Wonderland, which is hardly Hernando's Hideaway), they'd actually gotten notice back to somebody who could actually do something entertaining with such information.

Fellow Metroblogger whined to the appropriate person, and the post has disappeared from the indexes on Metroblogging DC's site, but for now you can still follow the link. In case the whole article goes missing, the contents are after the jump.

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Too Much Information on HDTV
After too much time as somebody else's technology adviser, I have decided to take the HDTV plunge myself. I wrote the original version of the following in response to a question from a friend who'd gotten an HDTV set for Christmas and didn't know how to go about getting HDTV programming on it. What follows is my usual sort of too-much-information dump on what is actually available and how you can get it, if local HDTV broadcasts aren't enough. Some of the information about local channels and cable service is specific to DC, but the general idea probably translates outside the Beltway.

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