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Using a wrapper script for pppd with Internet Connect on Mac OS X:

There is another, harder way to accomplish basically the same results as these, but unless you're a masochist or you just like messing around with source code packages, you don't need to go any further.

When you use the Sony Ericsson GC82, it establishes a PPP connection to your computer using its own built-in PPP stack. Since that stack is buggy the card attempts to assign itself the "remote" address of Your computer is the "local" end, and gets its address from the network, which in this case means your wireless service provider.

If you specify a remote address when you start up pppd, the card will accept the address you give it. Unfortunately, the Internet Connect application on Mac OS X doesn't allow you to specify, well, anything of the sort. Internet Connect also overrules any configurations in /etc/ppp/options where the more UNIX-inclined user might attempt to fix the problem. Internet Connect in fact issues a long list of options as command line arguments to pppd, so it's possible to write a wrapper script and fix those options ourselves.

Eventually I hope to have this put together in an Installer package, but for now here's how you can install the wrapper yourself:

  1. Open up a Terminal (if you never use it, it's in the Utilities subfolder of the Applications folder; if you do use it, open up a fresh window).
  2. On the previous page of instructions, you should have downloaded and expanded an archive containing these instructions and several other files. In your Terminal window, `cd` to that new folder. You can type the command `cd` followed by a space and drag the folder from the Finder into the Terminal window; the command line will auto-complete and you can then hit "return" to make it happen.
  3. Enter the next four commands exactly as they appear here. You can copy and paste them (one at a time):
    sudo cp ./ /usr/sbin/
    sudo cp /usr/sbin/pppd /usr/sbin/pppd.orig
    sudo chmod 4511 /usr/sbin/pppd.orig
    sudo cp /usr/sbin/ /usr/sbin/pppd
    You will most likely be prompted for your password after the first command and not the other three.

  4. If you have an existing PPP connection such as a dialup account, test it now.
  5. If you have problems or would just like to remove everything, enter the following commands in a Terminal window:
    sudo cp /usr/sbin/pppd.orig /usr/sbin/pppd
    sudo chmod 4511 /usr/sbin/pppd
    sudo rm /usr/sbin/pppd.orig
    sudo rm /usr/sbin/

Asked Questions (Some more frequent than others):

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