Kilroy Typed Here
Kilroy typed here

Courtesy of the iSight on my PowerBook. I hadn't realized how ... odd ... the image can look.

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Oh Lucy, You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do
I recently migrated from SprintPCS to AT&T Wireless after being a Sprint customer for at least six or seven years. It might even be nine years now; I signed up so long ago I've forgotten when it even was. It's not that I think AT&T has the better network (I'm rather indifferent about that aspect these days), it's that SprintPCS -- in my experience more than any other carrier, but not by much -- is so focused on acquisition of new users that its service to existing ones suffers. If by "suffers" you mean "barely exists," that is.

AT&T Wireless appears to be slightly less byzantine, but only slightly. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

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Greetings MobileWhackers!
I seem to have achieved some very quick notoriety thanks to my work on the Sony Ericsson GC82.

If you got here that way, feel free to look around, but there ain't much here. I'm pretty bad about the whole blogging thing. I keep losing interest.

And if you did get here that way, please check out those instructions and let me know if they work (or don't) for you, so I can work out any remaining kinks in the system.

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